Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First AT Sprint Results!

Well, the results are finally in - and as my high school band teacher used to say: "Better late than early"!  I held out for a while hoping some stragglers might submit their logs, but it never happened, then a bit of life got in the way - next time we'll try to be a bit more timely in publishing the results.

As it turned out, the RTTY contest we all feared would wreak havoc on the bands didn't really - the worst havoc was wrought by old Sol - the band conditions were pretty horrible.  On the bright side, a broad cross-section of KD1JV's rigs was represented on the air, with WC7S taking the prize with four different  models activated!

Unfortunately, Steve Weber himself was unable to provide the super-bonus to anyone this time out.  Steve was on an extended backpacking trip, and decided he didn't even have enough room to carry one of his own rigs.

The points leaders were WC7S and K4BAI, but I'll declare everyone a winner in this one - after all, we got to play on the air with some of the neatest rigs ever designed!  Go here for complete details and soapbox comments.  I'm sure this had to be the largest congregation of ATS rigs on the air simultaneously ever - hopefully next outing we'll see even more activity.  And there will be a next time - keep watching here and the ATS Yahoo group as well as the general QRP mailing lists for an announcement.  We'll do a bit of tweaking here and there to make the scoring perhaps a little less convoluted and make the rules clearer.  We'd like to emphasize /P operation a bit more, so a time change will likely come about.  If you have any other suggestions for "the committee", just let us know at!

Thanks to all who participated...we'll see you in the next one!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sprint Sprint

Come join us for a QSO Party devoted to KD1JV's marvel Appalachian Trail Sprint transceivers.

Whether you're running an original ATS or the latest MTR, or even if you're not running one of Steve's rigs, you're welcome to join us on July 22, 2012 from 0000 to 0300Z.

The goal is to work as many folks using ATS rigs as possible.

Click here for the complete rules